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Default Re: Better after a drink??

Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
Thank goodness I know well enough to ensure my TenaLady is in place before I read any of your posts.

Ethel doesn't need to worry in the slightest, but you are my hero, Jonny Sumo.
If I can induce stress incontinence in one so young then my work is complete my dear Magenta....
Ethel has few worries in life; only this morning as I spoon fed her mushed up Weetabix and tousled the few strands of waxy hair that decorate her hump, she gazed at me, well in my general direction, with her good eye and tried so hard to formulate a sentence it could break your heart.....
anyhoos the good news is she has been promoted at the abattoir and is now Deputy Pig Stunner...makes me so damn proud....
'I STILL wanna be the man with the 50lb hammer...'
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