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Default Re: For those photographers here too...

Well, I'm discovering how I work better every year with this photog stuff. And I found that having these huge, heavy zooms just isn't my cup of tea. I came up like tamadrum here, manual analog cameras with prime lenses. So I learned how to zoom with my feet and be as stealthy as possible.

Nothing screams "professional" or "NOT stealthy" more than wearing two four-pound camera bodies with five-pound zooms attached. Or it could scream "Into it amateur" and 'Creepy guy with camera" too. I loved working with the 70-200, but I hated carrying that thing around, along with all that other gear. I think I weighed my pack once and it came in at just under 50 pounds. Not the most fun guy to be around on a vacation.

So, in the camera body department, I'm actually going more stealthy - I picked up a couple of Canon 5D's (the first version) - smaller, lighter, full frame, and only 12mp. I've printed as big as 20x30 with those 4mp files from my 1D, so 12 is probably overkill for me (it is for everyone, but that's a different discussion). A friend of mine has the 1Dx, and regardless of how incredible it is, I'm loathe to have to carry that thing around (let alone two of them). I've already proven I can take a picture, so I don't need to look like it ;)

I guess my camera preferences really reflect my drum preferences as well. I just make the most out of what I have, like we all do with 4-piece drumsets - which is basically all I play. I carry around my own portrait lighting as well, and have discovered that the camera doesn't really matter when you have control of your light. But I figured I'd 'sideways' upgrade before I couldn't. You know, when I bought those EOS-1D cameras, they were roughly $5400 each. On the used market they're not worth more than $250 now. Unlike old analog things, digital items do not hold value - probably because of the planned obsolescence? So I'm moving to slightly smaller, a little more megapixels, and a full-frame sensor because it pisses me off that when I attach a 20mm lens to a camera, I don't get 20mm wide photographs! So this fixes that.

I really wish I could continue with film too, but even where I live, there are no more cheap labs to develop film. Period. When I did shoot film, I could drop it off at a Costco just to get negatives and a proof sheet for $2 to see what I did, those days are gone. Now every roll of film costs $20 (at least) to process. At least I saw that writing on the wall too.
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