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Default Re: For those photographers here too...

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Way off topic....but some of you may know that I also hire myself out as a portrait photographer - my favorite model is always my avatar here - but I do tend to do a bit of work around certain times a year.

And just as I do with my drumsets, I just did it with my cameras last night. I just sold off all of my Canon camera bodies. I had two EOS-1D cameras and a 30D body that I used for fun. I've kept my lenses (I have three nice primes: 20/2.8, 28/1.8, and a 50/1.4) but dumped the zooms (I had a 70-200/2.8 and a 20-35/2.8) declaring that zooms are for sissies ;)

Now I'm shopping for full-frame cameras. It's amazing how fast camera stuff sells compared to drum stuff though ;)

If any one needs a photog, give me a ring!
Zooms are for sissies????????????

And crime scene detectives.Most of the time I used a Nikon F-3 with a 50mm,but on occasion,the zoom came in handy.

I had to take crime scene arial photos several times fom a dept.helecopter ,of cemetary vandalism.It was the only way to show the devistation,and the scope of the damage.

Besides ,the helo ride, is just way too cool to pass up.

I also had to document ,damage to the Queensboro bridge(AKA,the 59'th street bridge),that was struck by a tanker's mast at 3 in the morning,suspended over the East River in the Roosevelt Island cablecar/ the wind.That will wake you up in the morning,I can tell ya'.

Naturally,the cablecar is over a hundred feet or so from the bridge,so in clearly documenting the damage,the zoom was necessary.

Why not wait till morning you say? Well because the cable car is used by occupants of Roosevelt Island to commute to Manhattan,so taking it out of commission,to photograph the bridge was a no go.

More importantly,the Mayor(Guliani at the time) and NYPD brass,want answers...yesterday.

I still use my 35mm film cameras.I guess because I like the warmth of film.

Nikon F-3 and Canon A-1,still serve me well...along with a zoom.:):)

Steve B

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