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Default Re: Thick single ply heads?

Originally Posted by Yoshinya View Post
Aren't those Strata 1000 heads for concert toms? Is there any difference in how they fit on the bearing edge and with the hoops?...
I'm guessing that concert toms aren't really all too different from kit toms?
They're standard 10mil heads (basically a G1 with a light brown coating, same vibe as Evans' "coated" bass drum heads) and they fit as any Evans head does. As to why the brown coating sounds different than the white, I don't know. I just prefer the sound & resonance on toms for light to moderate playing.

Since concert toms don't have the resonance benefit of a sealed chamber (that is, no bottom head,) batter choices are even more important. The differences between coated and clear, single or double-ply, and thickness (10, 12 or 14mil single-ply for example) are readily apparent, and also provide a wide variety of tones.

In case you weren't aware, I'm a big fan of concert toms, and offer this site for your perusal -

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