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Default Re: Better after a drink??

You're risking summary arrest,and a possible collar for DUI...Drumming Under the Influence.(Hey ,what do you expect from a cop).

I can see how it makes you feel like your playing is more relaxed and creative.Everybody's different,and for some that may be true.

I just recently reread Eric Claptons autobiography "Clapton",an in it he states ,there wasn't a day or performance that went by,where he wasn't stoned or drunk,till rehab in the 80's.

We have lots of recordings of his studio and live performances,which almost validate the buzzed> playing better senario,....but think about all those performances would have sounded like.....had he been sober all the time.He was in his prime in the late 60 ,and 70's.

Who knows what kind of music,he could have made?

Buddy Rich and especially Gene Krupas weed smoking ,is well known,and in Krupas case,well documanted.I for one,would like to have heard some of those perfomances......without enhancement.

In the 70's,my band would also take a 10 minute break for the" pause that refreshes ",as we used to call it.When we started playing againg,after the break,we thought....this is KILLER.

I used to recoerd most of that we played,and on playback.....the tape dosen't lie,we sucked as oppose to playing sober.

I get the whole playing for a hobby,and why not enhance it...thing.But just put it to the test,and record yourself doing the same exercises,with and without a few classes of wine,and let the tale of the tape be the judge.

Steve B
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