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Default Re: Better after a drink??

Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
I don't drink wine. When you say a couple glasses, how many ounces (ml) are you talking per glass? I think 5 oz (150 ml) is the standard size. 5 oz wine = 12 oz beer (3.2%) = 1.5 oz booze.

I have a big glass MZ...not a wine glass, just a sort of tumbler. As I said before, I don't touch it if I'm gigging, only when I'm at home 'practicing'. I always felt it was disrespectful to the person who is paying you to not be stone cold sober - I wouldn't have a drink on my day job...

Most of my playing is solo, doing little bits of recording or video for youtube etc I was more wondering how acceptable/understandable it is to sink a 'glass' at home or should I avoid it and, as previously advised, work on my chops rather than my drinking abilities...

I just feel it relaxes me more, and maybe that's the point; am I maybe too rigid normally when I play/practice?? Stressful job, issues at home (like us all to an extent), drumming and a little tipple are my stress relief...but combining them? Cheers...
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