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Default Re: Better after a drink??

I don't drink wine. When you say a couple glasses, how many ounces (ml) are you talking per glass? I think 5 oz (150 ml) is the standard size. 5 oz wine = 12 oz beer (3.2%) = 1.5 oz booze.

The beer I drink is 7.2% alcohol. It's actually ale, but I call it beer. I'll drink one of these once in awhile before I play, or even a shot of bourbon or two and it doesn't affect my playing at all. I certainly wouldn't want to have to depend on it to feel relaxed enough to play good.

I stay away from alcohol for the most part. We keep bottles of water in the fridge. If there is beer or whiskey, nobody in my band ever drinks more than 2 or 3 while we're jamming. I appreciate that from the guys. A couple guys never drink alcohol at all. I respect these guys by never being drunk myself. It's unprofessional. A couple is OK, like before a gig I'll have a couple pints and it doesn't affect my playing. I've had a lot of practice doing this so it may be different for a newbie, in fact I'm sure it is. I'm drinking mostly because I'm socializing and enjoying myself, not because I'm nervous or I want to play better.
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