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Originally Posted by JStuart
Personally I think Joey is a great overall drummer, and he is most definately the power behind Slipknot. He is probably THE best Metal drummer around and I praise him for that, but personally there are better drummers out there. I've seen a lot of his solos, it's all flashy double bass and rolls. His backstage jamming stuff pleases me more than his solos on stage do.
Yes, I think Joey is a great drummer as well. Good speed and power. But let's be a little realistic, he is not THE best metal drummer around. I could name several metal drummers that have more speed, better chops, power and showmanship.

Not trying to take anything away from Joey, but I think there are a lot pf people that kind of blindly worship him as the best when he really isn't. There really are many drummers out there that would smoke him in every catagory.
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