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Default Re: Better after a drink??

Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
I never do both. I get what you mean about feeling more relaxed, but I'm not at all sure that it makes me play better: most probably, IMO, it just makes me think I play better - because my perception isn't as sharp as it would be if I hadn't had a drink.
Yes, I know what you mean; thats why I stressed the 'appears' part of my question. Interestingly tho, the 2 videos I posted on here, the first one (sumo warm up, with the Cozy riff) I was quite 'lubricated', while the 'groove' one I was stone cold sober.
The first one seems to flow bettr (to me) BUT that was where I missed one of the riffs and hit myself on the thumb, the 2nd one seems more restrained but I don't mess anything up....
the biggest issue is time management; I haven't got time to drink as much as I want or to play drums as much as I want to....the ideal solution is, in fact, drunken drumming....sounds like a dubbed jackie Chan movie...
'I STILL wanna be the man with the 50lb hammer...'

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