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Default Re: Looking for great maple snare for studio. Rock, pop, country.

Originally Posted by RickP View Post
Seeing that we have no idea about what your budget is , I will offer suggestions on a budgetary tier basis.

Under $350.00 - Tama SLP maple is a good choice - well made, nice finish and good hardware.

Mid price - Ludwig Classic maple - very underrated drums, really wide tuning range and very versatile.

Mid to High End -
Ludwig Legacy Classic - my personal favourite Ludwig wood shell snare drum, classic sound, can be fat or crisp.
Noble & Cooley CD maple - superb ply shell snares

High End -
Noble & Cooley SS - classic solid shell maple snare drums. These almost single handedly started the boutique snare drum craze in the 80's.
Craviotto - a classic , superb craftsmanship, great value, these along with the Noble and Cooley are universally well thought of.
Very nice list of drums. Consider a used Gretsch snare drum. These are often undervalued and you can get a mint drum for next to nothing.

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