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Default Re: For those photographers here too...

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Way off topic....but some of you may know that I also hire myself out as a portrait photographer - my favorite model is always my avatar here - but I do tend to do a bit of work around certain times a year.

And just as I do with my drumsets, I just did it with my cameras last night. I just sold off all of my Canon camera bodies. I had two EOS-1D cameras and a 30D body that I used for fun. I've kept my lenses (I have three nice primes: 20/2.8, 28/1.8, and a 50/1.4) but dumped the zooms (I had a 70-200/2.8 and a 20-35/2.8) declaring that zooms are for sissies ;)

Now I'm shopping for full-frame cameras. It's amazing how fast camera stuff sells compared to drum stuff though ;)

If any one needs a photog, give me a ring!
You dumped the 70-200 2.8????!!!! Best lens in the galaxy.... AND the 1D? Are you getting the 1DX now? the 1.8 50mm is a beaut though... perfect for your work I guess.

I know you hate zooms but any thoughts on the new 200 400 f4 that canon has introduced?

good luck with the gigs on both fronts.

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