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Default Re: Better after a drink??

Originally Posted by Jonny Sumo View Post
I am in no way endorsing the use of alcohol as a performance enhancer BUT...I do often combine my 'downtime pastimes' of drums and a glass of wine. I have noticed that after maybe 2 glasses of wine my playing appears to be better. Not like Buddy better, just a little more relaxed, fills flow, things seem to work better....

Now heres the query; do I keep having the couple of glasses of wine and playing or should I stop that and work more on relaxation and technique?

I am not at a stage, nor do I want to be, where I always have to pour wine down my throat before I hit the kit.

I don't drink if I'm gigging tho....(I don't like drunk people...)
I have never seen any improvement in my drumming after drinking. I would say work on your actual drumming and not drinking skills.
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