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Default Imperial Lug Clubdate kit

Sup folks. New here, but thought I'd at least share stuff I still have pics of! Took these pics when I had these out for a week or so around X-mas 2011 (sorry they are kinda crappy).

This is a kit I put together 2003/04.

3x13 Transition badge snare
60's 8x12 Clubdate tom
60's 10x14 Marching snare converted to floor tom
Late 50's 12x17 WFL Marching drum (how I got that smooth white resonant head I have NO memory, but that is a custom cut vinyl logo I put on the head =)

All wrapped in silver glass glitter. Imperial lugs all around except the snare of course. There's kind of a mix of chrome and nickel WFL and Ludwig hardware which I couldn't avoid (and probably some modern replacement parts mixed in as well; can't quite remember). I was going for something that looks like Ludwig might have made in the late 50's.

I built them so long ago and my collection has been stored so long that I have forgotten so many details about all my kits. I used to be the kind of guy who remembered every little detail about everything! These are downstairs and fairly accessible to me, so I could probably get better pictures some time, if anyone was interested.

Edit: oop, did find another pic, but it's smaller than I hoped. This pic is from 2003 I believe. I don't remember whether or not it was supposed to be a picture of drums with a car in it or a picture of a car with drums in it. =)

A. Giampa

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