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Default Re: Any Homebrewers?

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
I'm looking into smaller recipies and using all my own malt, yeast and hops and filtered NY state water, which is to my palate, the best tasting water there is.

I'll post if and when I finish a batch.

Steve B
Go for the small batch, Steve. I sort of envy your forays into 5 gallon boils, but I've got the 2.5 gallon boil kind of nailed, so I'm OK with it now. I never gave it much thought, but I'd bet that you can experiment more (and have more batches running!) with 1 and 2 gallon batches of brew.

I've only used the well water from my south-central Michigan home. It's 240 feet deep, with hardly any iron and relatively low dissolved solids. No matter how many different styles I brew, how many different yeasts I use and no matter how I conduct the boil, there's always a common flavor to the finished beer - I can only guess it's the water. I've threatened to use the well water from my 'retirement home' up north, but trucking 7 gallons of water never makes it to the "radar" when packing up to go back south. Guess I'll have to brew a batch up north, too!

Did you ever use distilled water in your wort? I'm thinking you might have to add salts or some such. I've never tried it, as the water I have "works" - I'm just curious to see if my suspicions are correct.
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