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Default 1st post: Back from the dead?

Hey all!

I haven't taken the time to really peruse this forum yet to see if there's anyone I know, but I was an RMMP subscriber 10 years+ ago. Hung around there quite a bit and knew a bunch of the guys. I think I even made an attempt at reuniting with RMMP but by then I didn't like how newsgroups worked by then (god, newsgroups seem like such an ancient concept now, haha).

But anyhow, I think this is my second attempt to re-jumpstart my interest in drums. Late 2011 I found out a friend is a good singer who plays guitar, and we fooled around with the idea of getting together to play. It kind of fizzled when we couldn't keep a place to play. We're co-workers so we've always kind of held on to the idea and it's possible we might try to get something going again because another buddy has a rehearsal lockout we might be able to use. Because of this, all the sudden I have drums back on the brain again.

I haven't played with any regularity since 2007 =(, though I never quite playing in my head (which as we all know is not the same haha). I've literally only sat down at a kit maybe... 3-4 times in the past 5 years? It killed me to abandon my beloved hobby of nearly 10 years, but circumstances of moving out on my own meant I no longer had a garage to play in, and I just simply can't afford to rent a place to play on my own. It was hard at first but I eventually got used to it. My drums have been in storage. I have most of my useable stuff here where I live now; some in the attic, and some stuff downstairs where I grab it if I ever needed it (and a grip of shells and heads and I think random misc parts in my storage unit). I've been digging around lately getting stuff out for my *maybe* project, and I'm reminded of how many of the details of my gear have now escaped me. My gear is mostly 60's Ludwig and Gretsch, with a little bit of Slingerland, WFL, and Leedy mixed in, plus a couple of other misc or custom maple drums in the mix. My thing was restoring/customizing vintage drums (NOT ORIGINAL CONDITION GEAR! =) I generally only modified stuff that I bought already modified, or stuff that didn't have much value; I'm no monster, lol), making them playable yet still 'vintage'.

I'll get into my latest little idea later in a different post... mostly I just wanted to say what's up and see if there were any folks around that remembered me from the RMMP days. I also wanted to ask, if there were any threads anyone can recommend on busking or 'street' kits? That's what my new idea is basically. A tiny little busking kit. I got an idea from a Guitar Center (of all places, lol) ad and have been searching through my various parts caches to put something together that's super-portable. Will post pics later!

Peace, y'all!
A. Giampa

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