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Default Re: Yamaha Multipad revised

I've added a Korg Pandora Mini effects processor to my Multi 12's output which improves the dynamics of the drum sounds. The revised effects settings (without distortion) are saved in the 200 User programs (0 to 199) with original guitar effects stored in Preset programs (200 to 399). It's easy to switch between custom effects on 4 panel buttons or a value dial and there is an editor to help modify the 200 user programs.
I've recorded an mp3 demo of 4 effects that I prefer (assigned to the panel buttons) and I switched them in this sequence: Fx bypass, Rock*(121), Soulsister*(25), Blues*(184), Exception*(60), Rock*(121) and Fx bypass.
The modified User programs and mp3 files (plus owners manual) are available from:
Korg's (free) editor is required to transfer the downloaded Pandora User Programs-1.pxm file to the module.
The Pandora Mini module is a simple way to expand your available kit sounds and it's well worth adding to any edrum setup.

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