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Default Re: my review Super Kick 1 / Regulator combo

Originally Posted by JohnnySomersett View Post

I must say, you're doing something wrong if it takes you an hour to tune a Superkick, took me about 10 minutes the first time and about 2 now I know the things - and I'm no master thats for sure!!
Sorry, I have nothing to do tonight besides reply to old threads. I have to disagree with you Johnny. The Super Kick may be easier to tune than other heads, but that does not mean that it plays nice with all kits. Tuning ability has nothing to do with it either. Some heads just do not work with some kits and experience should tell you that.

Even after several months I am generally unsatisfied with the head and may be putting it up online since I only recorded with it.

From now on it's probably going to be Evans for me.
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