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Default Re: Roland V-Drums - Opinions?

Originally Posted by JosephDAqui View Post
Simple reason: mesh heads, no matter how loose you tune them will mess up your technique. Playing mesh is too much like a trampoline and will make you think you are faster than you are, especially when doing doubles and Moeller technique.
I second that. Even though my first kit was an acoustic one, I've dedicated most of my time behind a TD9kx. It's an awesome kit. I upgraded the sound library and it sounds amazing (for an e-kit). I especially love the recording feature....I've used it to record audio, midi.....the things you can do with it are limitless.


What Joseph say is true, the mesh heads feel like a trampoline. I thought that I had really improved my dynamics during the last few months and I just recently joined a band and sat back again behind a REAL kit and it felt like my first time behind a snare!!!!

I can't afford changing my kit right now so what I just recently began doing is putting a bunch of cloths on top of the snare to kill the bounce almost completely, warm up, do a couple of exercises like that and then remove them.
If anyone has been able to deal with this problem in an effective way please share!!

I find that the best quality options in the e-market are Roland and Yamaha so try them out and see what feels more realistic to you, I think that is even more important than sound and the rest of the features, otherwise you are gonna have a hard time going back to an acoustic kit.

Also, if you can find a used kit in a good condition, go for it!!! I'd never pay full price on an e-kit. I paid 1/3 of the retail price for mine at my local store and it was in great condition.
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