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Default Re: Roland V-Drums - Opinions?

I came back from drumming after a long absence and when I decided to get a drum set after a couple of decades of not having one, I knew a e-drum solution was the answer. You see, I live with this woman who is related by marriage who wouldn't dig the loud sounds from an acoustic kit. That woman would make it difficult to play with any regularity if at all if I played an acoustic. (That woman has a 97 year old mother who lives with us) The neighbors might not like it either but owning my house, they weren't my primary concern.

I had seen a older TD-20 (black) a couple of years ago on craigslist and knew that's what I wanted. When I finally got it together to buy one, I found a used TD-20SX that was in minty shape and bought that.

In my opinion, the differences between my TD20-SX and an acoustic are irrelevant. I wouldn't probably playing at all if getting an acoustic was the only option. As it is, I have one of the nicest e-kits available, so I'm good.

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