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Default Re: Where Have You Lived?

Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
Savannah, GA
Cairo, Egypt
I got to go to Cairo for short stay in 2002 (my girlfriend had work there for a few years). One of the most memorable places imaginable. Her company put us up at the Intercontinental overlooking the Nile and even hired an recent graduate in Egyptology to show us around Memphis and through the Cairo museum. Got to venture down into the depths of a small Pyramid near the big ones. One of her local coworkers took me out to see the "countryside" - goes on seemingly forever - thousands of adobe -like dwellings. Got to spend an afternoon at her boss's villa on the coast and swam in the Red Sea. How 'bout that traffic in the city? You could get rich selling car horns. One guy I talked to said he went through about 3 a year! Hope to go back some day - maybe get to Luxor this time.

How long in Savannah? Like it? Still might go to Augusta? Beautiful city.
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