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Default Any Homebrewers?

Not homebrewed drum gear - BEER!

A few years ago, I used to keep two 5 gallon (19 liter) batches going at a time, but have fallen away since then. Work, home projects, grand-kids, etc., seem to get in the way.

I started out with extract brews and later graduated to partial grain brews, as I don't have enough volume to boil 5 gallons of wort. Most of my brews were about half grain and half extract, and I've kept that up. I've never dumped a batch, but came close once. The beer was astringent from too much chocolate malt. I drank most of that brew to 'get rid of it', and only stored a couple of bottles. After 9 months or so, I revisited the last two bottles which were surprisingly good! I've never repeated that brew as I can't keep 5 whole gallons stored for that long. ;-)

Brewed a nice kolsch last winter but have been too busy to keep at it. Our local homebrew store closed a while back, so brewing had become spotty. Now we've got a new homebrew store in town, so I picked up some necessities and am poised to brew an extra special bitter (ESB). Just need to find - no, MAKE - the time. Maybe this weekend...

Wish me luck!
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