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Default Re: My new/used Ludwig Black Beauty Millenium Brass Edition snare drum

Originally Posted by uniongoon View Post
BEAUTIFUL snare drum. Love the die cast. I bought one of those throw offs and I found it to be a total piece of crap. They look great, but function bad. Really sucks for a brass snare, I would hate to have to drill new mounting holes and have no way to fill the old ones, so how much do you dislike the throw off?

Oops, my bad, I misread your post. it seems you like this throw off, well I happen to have one.................
No worries! What kind of issues did you have with your P-86? I'm really diggin' it.

Originally Posted by RickP View Post
I have one of the two, but my P86 is brass plated, yours doesn't appear like it from your pictures. Normally I don't like diecast hoops on metal shell snare drums, but this snare sounds really great with the brass plated diecast hoops. I swapped the batter head out for an Evans 360 reverse dot Power Centre head. This is now my go to Rock gig snare drum.
Wow, that engraved BB is friggin' gorgeous! You're a lucky man. And I'm not normally big on diecast hoops on metal snares either, but this thing sounds so good that I can't imagine it sounding better with flanged hoops.
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