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Default Re: Which drum heads for Pearl Rhythm Traveler?

Hi Guys

I have just bought a PRT kit (second-hand) to try out mainly for rehearsals (I play in a big band). So far the snare with just coated ambassador is fantastic. I had some barely used Aquarian single ply coated which I put on the toms and I am quite happy with those - I like a lot of after-tone and they are certainly powerful enough for the purpose.

Now comes the Bass drum!!! Still has stock heads - I've cut a front port-hole and put a little felt muffling on the batter head - not quite happening yet.... I am going to try the Emad-2 based on some advice here (thanks) unless you have any further advice - the bass drum is OK but I want a bit more "depth" in its tone - its volume I can cope with.

I must say that this little kit feels solidly built and nicer than my previous Gretsch Catalina club Jazz kit (since sold). But hey, I know all this stuff is personal etc...

If it doesn't work out, I'll sell it and continue to cart my Premier Genista to rehearsals.


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