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Default Re: Virgil Donati

"In This Life" is my new favorite album of all time. Virgil isn't just a monster drummer. He's an outstanding composer and arranger, as well. 3 years in production, and well worth the effort!

It's amazing how many of my favorite musicians he brought onto this project, including Anthony Crawford, Alex Machacek, Doug Shreeve, and Jeff Babko (just to name a small sample).

The project is similar in scope to Russ Miller's "Arrival" project, which has been my favorite album since its release in 2007. Albums like this are the creative apexes of *decades* of dedication to musical excellence - and you can hear it in every phrase, on every song.

It is music like this which keeps me interested in drumming. "In This Life" inspires me in a very deep way.

I highly recommend this album for anybody interested in cutting edge drumming, prog rock, or jazz fusion.

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