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Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
Well this place is slowly turning into a white trash ghetto since he took over ... The cops are here all the time, we have drug dealers, drunks, there was a stabbing less than a year ago, the list goes on. I just need to wait until my lease is up for both legal and financial reasons. Then we are gone.
If the owners don't kick out the landlord and get someone who will carry out the role responsibly and undo the damage then they will cost themselves a bundle. Those kinds of tenants cost a fortune in damage to property and skipping out without paying.

Tolerating that kind of BS is just throwing the money away. Property owners who close their eyes to this kind of behaviour tend to be the ones who don't respect tenants enough as human beings to invest in maintaining the property. They end up with increasingly trashy tenants, who then destroy the units.

From there, tenant damage is used as justification for continuing not to spend and the cycle continues as the good ones move on, to be replaced by irresponsible types. The alternative is to spend enough on maintenance to attract people who aren't junkies, mentally ill or morally vacant.
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