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Default Re: Tama Speed Cobra Beater Head problem

Originally Posted by Hxcdrummer View Post
Hey whats up, nah thats the problem! The rod is detaching even when i tighten it with full force. It's weird, i play for like 5min then it just flies out
sounds like you have the beater rod length so far out that it is not making contact against the tigtening screw but rather is sitting on top of it. in other words, you are tightening into the screw all the way, but it sits below the beater stem, not against it, thus not tightening against the rod/stem.
my guess is when you have the stem in, and screw tight, you canstill twist the beater around ? if so, it means the screw is not tightening against it.

take both out, put the rod all the way down to start then insert and tighten the screw. then lengthen beater accordingly but not too far.
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