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Default Re: Pedals with long footboards

I think the boards on my Dominators are 13" or 14". Really nice pedals, but they are difficult to try out as it's a small company. I think you'll run into similar trouble with Axis and Czarcie Kopyto (Devil's Hoof). DW is a reputed company and this new longboard pedal sounds killer. Tama's Speed Cobra should also be on your list, it's a really interesting pedal with some pro users. The Mapex is not as long as the other boards (I think), but it's definitely longer than a normal pedal with a heel plate. Pearl's Demon Drive can be converted into a long and short board and is tried and tested. Malleus is made by one of the users on this forum and I believe he said there's a try before you buy option available in the UK, so you should definitely check them out.
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