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Yesterday it was raining here in Northern New Jersey all day. The humidity was very high, and because of it, my snare experimental head got very loose. I tightened it up a little and tuned it evenly, but did not want to tighten it too much because I am about to take a business trip and did not want to leave the head tight for the time that I would be away. I am a little uncertain if the humidity changes and dries out, it may get the head too tight and damage it. But, at this stage I am not familiar enough with the head.

Many studios have good temperature controls that would keep the temperature and humidity even for long periods of time; it is surprising that many more recordings are not taking advantage of these heads. You often hear that many drummers would put on new heads prior to doing their recordings.

I have been using Aquarian Modern Vintage heads for a few years now; they are reported to be a Mylar replacement for the calfskin. My dynasonic snare has the calfskin, and my Pearl MCX kit has the Aquarians, the sound is compatible. I can see that if I had a complete set with the calfskin heads, it would take a while to tune up everyday, but with just the snare, it is not too bad.

I may expand and get a few more of these heads in the future once I get used to the care and feeding them. I have a 14 floor tom on my Gretsch kit that would benefit from the calfskin heads. I also have a 10 overhead tom for my Pearl kit that would also come alive with a calfskin head.
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