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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
So to hear, Mr IP. Not having a good run there. I think it's important to know what the landlord's complaint is about your wife.
He thinks she is spreading nasty rumors about him being a thief. If she did I would have heard all about it from her before anyone else, but yet supposedly all the other tenants have told him she said this. (Keep in mind this man claims to have been in the Marines during the first Gulf War, killed Iraqi children, and was given a Congressional Medal of Honor for his service, even though none were handed out for service in the Gulf War. He is a big time liar) There are 32 units in my complex, and the landlord lives on site. There are a few different cliques among residents, as there naturally would be. The landlord aligns himself with certain cliques, and causes hell for others. Apparently he has also handed out eviction notices to other residents that my wife associates with. Including my family, so far its three. These three families consist of a total of six adults and eight kids. And these three families have been living here longer than the landlord himself. I am currently in conversation with both the owners and have talked with a lawyer. I have been awake now for 30 hours and am so irate over this I still can't sleep.
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