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Default Re: I hate Macs!

I'm using Windows 8 right now. My old laptop kept overheating and I finally broke down and bought a new one.

I was pretty lost with it for about a day - couldn't even figure out how to shut it down, or get out of certain screens - mainly all the 'apps' they're trying to get you to use. As usual, they're trying (too late) to play catch up with the trend setting hipsters.
Getting along pretty well with it now, but some things still don't seem spot on with it.
Block out all the junk, and you're good to go.

My only experience with Macs was when I had to use them at the university in the dark ages, and didn't click with them. At that time, your choice was pretty much Mac, Amiga or Atari. There were almost no music related programs for pc's.

First 'computer' I bought was a Yamaha CX5M - a dedicated music computer that had its programs on cartridges and had built in midi. Primitive, but I was pretty productive with it.
Switched to Atari because there were some very cool programs available for it at that time, and it also had built in midi. Got hooked on Cubase with the Atari.
When Cubase became available on pc's, I made the switch, and have been using them since then.

I've considered trying to put together a desktop pc that can run XP, because I've got several costly interfaces that run on that and use pci slots. But I don't know if motherboards with pci slots are even available anymore.

Not going anywhere with this - just rambling. LOL
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