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Default Re: Roland V-Drums - Opinions?

I own a couple of electronic kits, namely a pieced-together "home studio" kit with a TD-12 module, PD-100/120/125 pads, Yamaha cymbals, and it running to my Macbook Pro with Addictive Drums. I also own the newer TD-4-KP portable kit.

Adding to some pros/cons already, probably the BIGGEST difference overall is the dynamics you can do on acoustic drums vs electronic. It really takes a LOT of time and patience to tweak all the various module parameters for the pads and cymbals to get them close to the real deal.. To the audience, for example, won't really tell the missing strokes in your cymbal swells but it'll sometimes drive you completely bonkers and frustrate you lol.

However, some of the newer modules like the TD-20X and TD-30 have all sorts of juicy parameters you can use and technology to make them more "real" sounding. Still a bit digital sounding IMO but getting there.

They are worthy investment for apt/condo practicing and home recording, especially when using VST like Addictive Drums. (One of the best purchases I've made!)

Also, with the little TD-4-KP kit and the way it's designed, it's really expanded my availability to play smaller bars/restaurants with my band that I ordinarily could not have done bringing real drums. Sometimes these places don't want drums at all but when we convince the owners to let me bring the TD-4 and give a go once, they are blown away by that little thing! More money for me at the end of the week too, hehe.

Final words - there's a lot of companies that produce e-drums, some are very good and some suck. Roland is towards the top of the list - you really do get what you pay for in the end. You're best bet in the Roland endeavor is to scout eBay and Craigslist for gently used and well-cared for pads and modules. NEVER pay full price from GC or other online retailers. I will agree Roland stuff is overpriced. Quality but overpriced.
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