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What is wrong with people? My landlord has some issue with my wife, which is all hearsay, so he decides that the best action for him is to serve us an eviction notice today. I talked to the property owner about this, and he thinks this is stupid, says he has no problem with us staying, and I just need to go work things out with the landlord. So I go attempt to do so (he has no problem with me by the way, just my wife, whom he refuses to talk to). The landlord doesn't want to work things out, still wont budge on us being evicted, and tells me the owner is fine with him kicking us out. My lease is not up until September 30, but he says we have to be out no later than August 30. This is in direct breach of my lease agreement, as there is a clause that states he cannot change the terms of our lease until the contract is up, unless we are in direct violation of the lease agreement, which we are not. My wife just started a new job last week, and I start school on monday so I have no income until my student loan comes in at the beginning with September. Again I ask, what is wrong with people?
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