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Default Trick 2.0 Universal Drive Shaft - for Tama. Yamaha & etc.

I picked one up a few months ago to get rid of the "1/4 lag on my Yamaha 9315 double pedal on the slave pedal. I can tell you it makes a HUGE difference and it's machined (CNC) unlike the Axis. You will never need another drive shaft after getting this. It feels like I'm playing two bass drums. I play in both a hard rock/funk band and a symphonic metal band (fast double bass drum work in almost every song) and it's so much smoother. Zero fatigue and I'm more comfortable playing faster 32nd note accents at higher speeds. For lower speed stuff, I can really play with lot more power with my left so that my legs are almost back to being equal. Here's some pics with my yamaha 9315 with Tama Iron Cobra wood beaters:

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