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Default Re: High pressure sales techniques

This just happened to me this morning at a Books a Million:

Lady in front of me at the checkout line.
Only one person at the counter.
Lady waits for clerk to ring up everything THEN opens purse for form of payment.
Clerk asks for Membership card.
Lady states she does not have one.
Clerks asks if she would like one.
Lady asks how much that would cost, then agrees to purchase membership card.
Thus begins a lengthy series of questions.
Lady is torn between what three free magazines to subscribe to as a thank you.
Lady requests to pay with different credit card for the membership card.
(at this point, I'm thinking I'm on a hidden prank tv show).
Lady asks what to do to have card charged as a "Credit" instead of a "Debit" card.
We get through all of that then lady asks if they have a certain title available in the store.
Clerk goes to another computer to look up title.
Clerk informs lady that the title is available, lady wishes to buy title.
Clerk pages "Sunshine" or whatever the hell clerk's associate's name is.
"Sunshine" cannot be found in store.
Store manager makes finding title a priority.
And then we go through the entire purchase scenario again.

Picture Steve Martin at the rental counter in "Plains, Trains and Automobiles."
Max Roach did it, Elvin Jones did it, but Roy Haynes didit and didit and didit.
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