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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by finnhiggins
Personally I'm dismayed. How can people watch that Gadd/Colaiuta/Weckl piece and not be impressed by him? I thought he was the best guy on there, musically. Vinnie had more fire and Weckl had a lot more chops, but in terms of just huge solid groove Gadd has it absolutely nailed in a way that neither of the others could touch. I watched that video with a guitarist friend and he yawned his way through Weckl, looked mildly interested at some of Vinnie and thought Gadd was excellent and wanted me to learn to play that marching lick with the blasts of kick drum underneath.

He's the kind of drummer other musicians care about. I think that means more than all the double kick and hand-crossing solos in the world ever could.
It's all relative. I don't think the idea of that whole battle was to be musical. I mean, battles are rarely musical. Now if it was a battle to see who could groove with a band the best, Gadd would rape all of them exponentially. But I mean, you can't disrespect the fact that Weckl and Vinnie are ..... flashy. It is very impressive what they can do.....but I mean, obviously a guitarist isn't gonna care how fast someone can play (even though he kind of should so that he knows what is possible within a band). I'd love to just see a battle with a backing band behind them and just hit some solid grooves with a few fills. That would be pretty funny.....because it would be no contest for Gadd. But let's get real here.....Gadd was kind of 'lagging' in that battle....for what the battle stood for at least. His style was respectable definitely.......and what he did was so solid that it still blew me away, but drum battles should show off chops, should they not? Or maybe they shouldn't.......=\ iuno.
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