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Default High pressure sales techniques

Does anyone else feel that stores are pushing the limit on sales techniques?

I bought a pair of sticks last week at a Guitar Center on my way to a rehearsal. I have already received 2 emails from the kid who sold them to me. In one, he tells me that he's glad he was able to "keep me rockin".

It's not just them. God forgive you if you shop at a K-Mart and you don't have a friggin' frequent buyer's card or whatever. The little Russian woman wouldn't let up on me for 5 minutes when I told her I didn't want a card, nor did I want to give her my email address...

I had the feeling that she was going to be beaten for not getting me to sign up, that's how pushy she was.

All of this data gathering is just torture for me when I just want to buy something and get out of the store. With your credit card number and zip code or tel number they pretty much have you. Then come the mailings, emails, and now SMS is coming on strong. I was woken up the other night by a text from Fandango that the new Disney movie was out. I almost threw the phone across the room.

I have a feeling this is going to get worse before it gets better.
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