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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
I'll get a bit offtopic (just for a change). The part I've bolded reminded me of research psychologist Dan Gilbert's TED Talk "Why aren't we happy?". He said we have mechanisms in our brains that allow us to predict outcomes, and an example he gave is that we don't need to look at, small or taste anchovy ice cream to know it's a bad idea.

Thing is, he also said our predictive mechanisms are skewed and we usually predict good things will turn better than they actually do and we overestimate the negative effects of setbacks too. Basically, how good things are for us depend more on our attitudes than our external reality.

That's easy to say - developing enough mind control to override our instinctive silliness is far from easy. I hope one day to get there.
Very true. My mother's whole life is just one tragedy after the next. I've spent my life trying not to be like her, but I also find myself being just like her. I'll have to ruminate on what you're saying here, but it speaks volumes; more than I can relay in a short post comment. Thanks for your pearls of wisdom.

The part that didn't work out was that I got fired for insubordination because of my big mouth, but I had enough of getting jerked around by this company by that time. Quite a few things didn't go my way when I moved to Indiana for a job, but I did manage to find a cool band for a few get-togethers, so there were some good times too. I met some real quality people out there, but I also met an over-abundance of turds too. I guess you'll find that anywhere you go, so no ill feeling toward Indiana.

I tend to hang on to the good things and forget about the bad. Learn from them, but forget it and let it go. It's just a cancer in the mind.

Anyway, back to philosophy...
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