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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

I was not going to answer this post because my answer is contrary to the question. But, in my opinion, the question infers only one viewpoint. So I decided that all questions deserve at least two viewpoints. The inferred view-point is that there is "pre-destiny."
It is like asking a cat owner, “How often do you kick your cat?” The question does not give the person a chance to say, “I never kick my cat.”

There is no such thing as pre-destiny. We all make our own future by our actions and the actions that others do to us.

I realize my opinion may be offensive to those that believe strongly in "pre-destiny." I do apologize for that, and am sorry that it offends you. To me this is a question that is close to a religious point of view. I know religion, politics and sex are topics that should not be discussed in this forum, but since this post has gone to the length that it has, I assume that it is ok to discuss and post my opinion on the topic.
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