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Default Re: Yamaha Multi-12 & DTX 500 compatibility?

Originally Posted by Defender View Post
Good day all, I've got a DTX 535K I purchased a while ago. I've maxed out my input options by adding 2 more cymbals and 2 more tom pads (as seen in my avatar).

My question pertains to the Multi-12 and it's compatibility with the DTX 500 module. Can anyone shed some light on if these 2 pieces of equipment can be married up with one another to produce what I would consider to be the ultimate budget electronic drumset?
There could be a compatibility issue with matching the trigger levels for the 2 devices. My Multi-12 kits are setup for good dynamic pad response with fairly mild stick playing and you can access the data files via this thread:
If you don't have a Multi 12, your local music retailer will probably let you give the Multi-12 kits a workout on their demo unit (with pedals) and maybe mix them with other DTX drum kits. Just connect the headphone output of the DTX500 to the Aux input of the Multi-12 and connect the headphones or line output from it. I'm using 2 Multi-12's with a similar setup and they function OK without a mixer. The separate switching of kits on each module can be useful depending on how you set up the user kit order in each unit for complementary drum and cymbal sounds.

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