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Default Re: Yamaha multipad revised

Originally Posted by DTX Product Specialist View Post
Hi Hansolo,

Do you have notes on the mappings you've created and thanks creating these files. I'll attach a Trigger Setting guide and file that was created to increase center section's pad sensitivity.

Let me know if this helps,

DTX Product Specialist
Thanks for your info DTX P/S. I tried your trigger settings file and was surprised by the good pad response with the Hard2 velocity curve - I just increased all the pad input gains to 30 as there were no crosstalk issues even at higher gain levels.
I haven't documented my pad voice configs in any detail as they are a 'work in progress' but here is the revised pad layout for easier playing of the more standard kits with sticks or hands: Pad1- Snare Cl/Rim, Pad2- Cymbal, Pad3- Cymbal(Cmb), Pads4-6 Toms, Pad7- Snare, Pad8- Op/Hihat, Pad9- Kick1, Pad10- Snare Op/rim, Pad11- Cymbal or Cl/Hihat, Pad12- Cymbal(Cmb) or Kick2 - I assumed a hihat pedal would be used by most for the Cl/Hihat sound but it can be simply added to pad11 instead.
Maybe John Melas ( could produce a Multi-12 editor similar to the one he did for the DTX700 so the settings could be reviewed and modified more easily.

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