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Originally Posted by thebarak View Post
It would be nice to see a video demo of this customised Multi-12. Yamaha really should make a nice one-piece for drummers only, with all the nice sampled kits from the 700 and 900 modules, and they could give us the TCS surface too. I think it would sell well.
Here's a pic of my dual Multi-12 setup and I'll include an mp3 file of some kits in a later post about the versatile Korg Pandora-Mini effects unit mounted on the stand.
Yamaha probably don't want the Multi-12's 'standard' drum kits competing with their DTX900/700/500 series, but I think acoustic or electronic drummers would consider adding an M-12 to their rig if the kits sound better.
FYI - ex-Roland developer Steven Fisher has joined the Yamaha team and it'll be interesting to see how the DTX products develop
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