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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
You told me I should give vegetables to my dog, from the table, from the plate on top of It, you did! I remember it! This proves it, you see, aw gosh, don't you see? Truly, this proves that there can be free will in a world where pre-destiny...what was it again?
Yes, I remember. How'd it go. Is your dog now choosing to excrete (or is it compelled to at least try?).

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
I dunno, Grea. Dogs are pretty smart. Lumping all animals together isn't really something you can do. Some animals don't have even a central nervous system. They're not experiencing much more than plants are. Worms and ants aren't dogs.
True. All different types and levels of awareness. I have an intrusive ants nest near my front door and I've periodically engaged in population control. I swear those things behave as though they are scared shitless when the Sandal of Destiny comes crashing down. They pick up their dead and wounded (presumably waste not want not). They adjust their trail when I make one trail too hazardous. They keep trying to get in the house - and after I wipe the intruders out they stop for a while. Then they try again later.

Damn good instincts for such tiny things. But then again, ant colonies act as a super organism and each individual acts similarly to our cells (given that we too are made up of a multitude of smaller organisms). Ants nests are actually very smart things with intelligence and capacities far greater than that of any individual - just like human nests.

Let's consider destiny of a single human cell, which could be thought of as roughly analogous to an ant. One cell of the 100 trillion cells in our bodies. How does the destiny of the cell look from our godlike perspective? Not real good, I'd say.

We don't know or care if individual cells live or die. If billions wipe out (or grow where they shouldn't) then we'll start caring. Of course, it depends on the cells - whether they are inert matter like our nails and hair right or the stars of the show - the brain cells.

Is there a fractal aspect to life? Are humans like the prefrontal cortex of the Earth? Are animals the brain cells of the biosphere? Or maybe higher animals? Is the Earth like the frontal cortex of the Milky Way? If humans died out would that mean the biosphere would seriously lose a lot of IQ points?


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