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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Which side is that?
The side of free will. I realize there has been lots of talk of cause and effect, but in a world of pre-destiny there would be no cause and effect, just events scheduled to happen in the order they were scheduled. Free will allows cause and effect to exist, other than a predetermined world where everything just runs as a script.

Originally Posted by viva_nate View Post
I've read this like a half dozen times now, and while I wont pretend to understand everything it has to say, isn't the computer system that uses the FIR filter the cause for the rooms digital correction? I stand by every effect has a cause.

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
I dunno, Grea. Dogs are pretty smart. Lumping all animals together isn't really something you can do. Some animals don't have even a central nervous system. They're not experiencing much more than plants are. Worms and ants aren't dogs.
Dogs are smart. I have three, and they are all at different levels of intelligence. One of them is so smart I am surprised she hasn't figured out how to speak English. Yet the one that is the least intelligent still is able to learn what is expected of him and does what is required in order to please his humans.

I have fish too, and they are trained to recognize the tapping on the glass when it is time to eat. A purely Pavlovian response, but still a response.

Even creatures without central nervous systems are thought to have some sort of awareness. Maybe not self awareness, but situational awareness at least. Look at trees when there is a possibility of rain, they turn their leaves up in order to catch the rain. Why would they do this if they weren't aware? And look at all the experiments done on plants that involve talking to the plants and/or playing them music. The resulting growth surely has something to do with awareness and feeling of some sort. I always wondered if it hurt the grass when I mow it.
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