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Default Re: Calling All Bad Back Drummers: Ergokinetic Thrones

Originally Posted by Les Ismore View Post
I purchased just to top. If your current base is 7/8" it'll fit. They use ROC N SOC bottom plates and bases, which are 7/8" You could adapt your bottom bracket to the CARMICHAEL, but you'd need to install inserts (the plywood is 1/2") and the hole pattern they drilled is for the ROC n SOC stuff.

If you're serious contact CARMICHAEL, they'll answer ALL your questions, excellent customer service... talk to Dan himself, join the family.

I did a gig yesterday and Im still blown away. I feel great, actually got home and did yoga/weight training. At the gig its a new approach, dealing with reserve power. I believe its actually helping my L5 injury heal, I know it is. So what's that worth to me? Can't say enough good about it.

They're on ebay.

While I have the scale plugged in- The CARMICHAEL top weighs in at 5.06 lbs, thats w/o a bracket on the bottom, with my bracket it weighs 8.05 lbs and the top fits perfectly in a 14x5.5 drum bag.
I was just complaining to myself that my throne top was all compressed on one side after only about a year. Annoying as all as you expend energy keeping balanced during double bass parts.

I definitely agree with you on the importance of a good stable throne. You have just convinced me to make my next top a Carmichael. It looks like some real thought went into it.
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