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Default Re: Calling All Bad Back Drummers: Ergokinetic Thrones

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
Les Ismore,
so did you get the top piece only? Or the entire throne? I'm not settled on what to order. Never had a Rock'n'Soc or compatible stand. So in case I'd get the CARMICHAEL top piece only I'd have to buy a compatible stand anyway.
I purchased just to top. If your current base is 7/8" it'll fit. They use ROC N SOC bottom plates and bases, which are 7/8" You could adapt your bottom bracket to the CARMICHAEL, but you'd need to install inserts (the plywood is 1/2") and the hole pattern they drilled is for the ROC n SOC stuff.

If you're serious contact CARMICHAEL, they'll answer ALL your questions, excellent customer service... talk to Dan himself, join the family.

I did a gig yesterday and Im still blown away. I feel great, actually got home and did yoga/weight training. At the gig its a new approach, dealing with reserve power. I believe its actually helping my L5 injury heal, I know it is. So what's that worth to me? Can't say enough good about it.

They're on ebay.

While I have the scale plugged in- The CARMICHAEL top weighs in at 5.06 lbs, thats w/o a bracket on the bottom, with my bracket it weighs 8.05 lbs and the top fits perfectly in a 14x5.5 drum bag.

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