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Default Re: What is your favorite album right now?

Originally Posted by RinkRat View Post
Ooops... How could I forget Nirvana, and the Police?

Nickelback? Yikes. ;)
I do like the Police - I'm a little young for the group, but Sting was one of the first concerts I ever went to. It was great, but I almost failed my chemistry exam the next day...worth it.

Nickelbacklash - noun. An antagonistic reaction to a musical ensemble, due to popularity, radio kill, or general dislike. Usually occurs when one actually enjoys a band, but refuses to admit it so as not to incur disgust from peers. Also involves singing along when all the doors are closed and the windows are up.

It seems like I'm on a trend, though - the Canadians have taken over my playlists...NB, Theory of a Deadman, My Darkest Days...
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