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Default Re: calf skin heads

So far, I have had the calf-skin head on my rogers dyansonic for a little over 14 hours.

I did not want to bring it up to full tension all at once. Only a few hours ago I brought it to the tension where I want it to be. So I have no experience yet, as to how much work I will have to put into it in keeping it tuned on a daily or hourly basis.

I have noticed though, that unlike the mylar heads it has slightly more unevenness at each tension rod when tuning it. That is too be expected, the calf where the skin came from had no idea it would end up being used this way. So I can not blame the cow. Maybe we can get farmers to raise their cows in circular boxes so they would make heads that are more even. Come on, they raise chickens in square boxes to produce square eggs now.

But I really do like the sound of this head.

I too started drumming in the late 60's, but only on the set, and only using mylar/ plastic heads.
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