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Default Re: Roland V-Drums - Opinions??

I've been playing drums for over 30 years and Up until recently have been against electronic drums. However, after having to the UK and having a few years break from music, I've changed my mind. Having been talked into going to a open mic jam session, for the first time I found myself sitting behind a cheap electronic kit. The kit wasn't great, but the sound was impressive. After attending the jam the phone started raining off the wall. Had several drumming offers including replacing the drummer at the jam. The problem was I didn't have a kit anymore, and was out of practice. An electric kit seemed to be the most practical solution. I went and spent about 4 hour trying out different electric kits. Roland definitely stood out. I had a budget of about 1500. I went with the TD 11kv. After getting it home I immediately desired to replace the two smaller pdx6 pads with pdx8. This made a huge differance. I've since added another crash and upgraded the pdx8 snare to a pdx100. I added the pdx8 as a 4th Tom via a splitter. This kit is great! The only thing I would consider replacing it with is Roland's flagship 30. I would like an acoustic kit as well, but there is no way to beat the sound and versatility of a roland kit.
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