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Default Re: Got a theater gig for this summer... looks like fun!

And so, week two of three is in the can. I am happy to report that life is good at the Rocky Horror Show, and I'm getting some very lively nibbles from potential next bands-slash-playing sitches. And of course, the gig is about as fun as playing naked Twister with a bevy of supermodels coated in Crisco.

Thursday's run was a bit shaky. The gremlins got into the tech part of the show pretty badly, and the show has two guys playing Frank; this was Frank #2's first night. There was a bit of stumbling, and unfortunately, I had a bit of stomach bug. When that happens, boys and girls, you eat an entire roll of Tums, drink a triple shot of Pepto, and pray to high heaven you don't shardle yourself in the middle of the Time Warp. Which I didn't, but I managed to screw up sufficiently to be thankful I had a great excuse. On top of which, the hex bolt on my slave beater hub came loose somewhere during Act One, and my doubles were off all night.

Friday was a great improvement, and then tonight, my wife used her comp ticket and saw the rockingest show that we've put on yet.

There's a few points in the show when the scrim and curtains go up and reveal the band as we're playing. I'm front and center, and as such, I go a bit... crazy. I figure that this is my contribution to the theatrics. And the audience has been effusive in their praise.

For tonight's photo gallery, let me share some backstage and stage photos with you. We're having such a freaking BLAST, let me tell you!
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