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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
I mentioned Panspermia twice, but never insisted on it. It does occur, but I only mentioned it as an idea as to why life itself was generated.
Panspermia may or may not explain how life on Earth began but it doesn't explain how life itself began. It's also possible that life on Earth began from a freak spontaneous replication as described in The Selfish Gene.

Or it's possible that life is just a stage in the evolution of the universe; just as living things have capacities beyond inanimate objects, something could spring from life that is more connected and potent still. The science fiction writer in me says that that our next stage of evolution will be cyborgism. We have been becoming more melded with our machines for a long time. This will only increase. In time we'll have all of Google at our disposal mentally as though the information was our own memories. We will be superhuman by today's standards.

The cyborgs' problem will be physical ailments since many will be living in a perfect virtual world and the body will lack exercise and won't evolve quickly enough. All body parts will be replaced by much more resilient mechanical parts. At one point there'll be just a brain in a mechanical body. Bit by bit the brain will be upgraded with mechanical replacement parts until there'll just be a frontal lobe. And then we will be much higher functioning machines - indestructable, able to travel interstellar distances. Can tear up any dance steps you can imagine with ease. Sing like Shirley Bassey. Almost anything.

But things won't be perfect. The songwriting will suck. There will be Pink Floyd and Devo tribute bands.

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
I would just like to state that in this topic, I've picked my side, but that's it. I obviously don't know the answers, but also am not going to sway from the side I've chosen. I actually enjoy this kind of stuff.
Hang on, I'm getting lost. Which side is that?

And yeah, I like this stuff more than drum chat, which is a lot!


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